Soylent: I lasted 5 days

I got a week’s supply of Soylent 1.4 a couple weeks ago. I planned to replace half of my meals in order to save time and improve nutrition. I started right away with half a pitcher per day, and I was loving it. I felt healthy and energetic and my IBS was notably improved. I also didn’t mind the taste.

On day 5, I got sick a few hours after drinking 1.5 glasses of Soylent. Crazy diarrhea and stomach discomfort, couldn’t sleep all night, and finally at 8:30am threw up for the second time in my adult life (I’m 22). I was burping a lot and most of the burps tasted like Soylent…not pleasant.

It took me 4 days to recover, surviving only on simple foods. My appetite wasn’t fully recovered for another couple of days. I have no idea if Soylent had anything to do with my sickness, and I won’t pretend like I do.

Now I’ve been recovered for a few days and the idea of drinking Soylent is absolutely repulsive. I thought I was being silly so I made a batch, but drinking it practically makes me gag. I don’t think I can ever drink Soylent again.

Thus concludes my (failed) Soylent experiment. I truly believed I could improve my overall health and save time without missing real food, but I was wrong. I learned that I actually really love food.

I see big issues with Soylent appealing to the mass market if they can’t make it more palatable and include different flavors out of the box.

Update 1/30/2017: I actually gave Soylent a second chance and tried 2.0 in late 2015, which became a staple of my diet for almost a year! I stopped drinking 2.0 because I felt like I was an increasingly severe allergic reaction to it, possibly related to soy.

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